Has Banking with SBI always been this horrible?

Has it always been this frustrating and infuriating to get small bits of information out of State Bank of India? Something that you think they’d definitely know if they’re running such a big bank!

My father retired from SBI a few years back, and I have always thought of SBI as an awesome bank, because we never had any major problems there.

But things are gradually changing.

Here is the call log to find the answer to my 3 simple questions (I still don’t have by the answers by the way):

Call log: Me trying all the numbers I could find from the internet to reach SBI. Finally one of the customer care numbers worked. But a 30 minute long conversation took me on a scenic ride and then abandoned me at my starting point i.e. Never got my answer 😂

Then there’s this email I received from an address on SBI’s domain (sbi.co.in), asking for confidential information over plain-text email.

  1. This particular email (picture above) that I received from “SBI”, asking me to send information about my Visa/Residence permit, is it a genuine request or a phishing email?
  2. Depending on the answer I had 2 alternative questions:
  3. If this is genuine, then where do I send the information to, the email only says (send it to your home branch, how am I supposed to know that)?
  4. If you don’t know then I need If you don’t know then I need the phone no. of the NRI division of the Lucknow main branch (my “home” branch) so I can figure it out myself.

That’s it. Simple! Right??? … NOT!

It took me about 45 minutes in total, and I gave up after that. None of the phone numbers for Lucknow on SBI’s website1, website2 or Google worked.

So after a 30 minute long phone call ( long phone call (Yes, 3 redirects! & having to reiterate my problems all the time was the most fun part) with the customer care center (marked in the photo as 1, it also disconnected abruptly on an earlier occasion) I thought I finally received the phone number of the NRI cell in Lucknow (marked ass 2).

I thought “This is it! I’ll finally get my questions answered” . To my surprise there was a voice from Telephone exchange informing me “This number has been changed, kindly…”.

“Find a New Bank in India” just made it to the top of my ToDo list.*

Find a new Bank in India” just made #2 on my “Things to do when I visit India”, right after ”, right after #1 Eat loads of Biryani! :)